Galston parkrun (57)

Week 3 of 4 and today was the turn of the inaugural event at Galston. Now I know that I have said that I no longer wish to do inaugural runs as it doesn’t give me the full true feel of an event and it contributes to putting undue stress on a new and inexperienced event team, but this one was a needs-must. With only a couple of weeks left in Australia I really couldn’t afford to not come to the first event because the alternative is to never run it at all. Sadly Sydney seems to be really getting the parkrun bug just as I leave with at least 4 or 5 new events starting within a few weeks of me leaving, so didn’t want to miss the one I could actually go to.

The event is really quite difficult to get to if you don’t have a car with no train station nearby and very little bus routes, but that will only serve to make it less of a tourism event and more of a local community event, which if I’m being honest is exactly what parkrun should be about, so I’m happy to see this one start as I think it is one that would really help to gel a local community.

The breakup of the course into three short-long-short laps is a great way to set it up as it is nice to do a quick lap to get into it at the start and to know that during the second lap that the last one is shorter. Psychologically it just feels a bit easier doing it that way, so well done to the team for setting it up like that.

Even though it was a new event and a new team they managed to handle the whole thing like old pros and it did not feel like an event finding its feet at all. They even managed to handle and deal with a small medical issue at the end without panicking to keep all runners safe. Very well done indeed Galston, good to have you in the parkrun family.


Galston parkrun (57)

Galston parkrun (57)

Not only is this event one of the few that I have run in Australia that is contained completely within a genuine park, it is also more similar to UK events as it is a three lap event rather than an out and back. A nice transition back into running UK-style ahead of me heading back.

The start/finish line is just in front of the toilets building and next to the children’s play area at the top of the park. From the start you join the path and head downhill past the Africa Garden until you reach a fork. On the first and third lap you take the right path and on the second lap you take the left path to do an extra little loop. This is clearly signposted and a marshal is stood there to help so don’t worry about remembering what to do.

After the fork you follow the path round to the right, climbing back up towards the start area passing the Chinese Garden before meeting the path at the side of the start line and following it around to the left to do a small loop around the children’s play area and past the Eco Garden before coming back to the start/finish area to start the next lap.

The second lap is mostly the same as the first apart from the extra loop previously mentioned at the fork. The extra section is very easy to navigate with cones marking the way however you pretty much follow the edge of the path and the small grassy area before rejoining the path just after the fork and again climbing back up the hill as per the first lap.

The third and final lap is again identical to the first before coming in to the finish line running the same direction as you started.


  • Time: 29:46
  • Place: 107/250
  • Gender Place: 78
  • Age Category Place (SM30-34): 11
  • Age Graded Score: 43.45%
  • Most Events Global Position: 331



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