Claisebrook Cove parkrun (56)

Today was intended to be my entry into what is known as the ‘Peel Club’ in parkrun Australia circles, named after the first person to run at least once in each state and territory in Australia, but with Darwin parkrun being cancelled when I visited a couple of months ago and with this being my final trip while in Australia, I will just have to settle for a 7/8th membership. That being said, it was very nearly a 6/8th membership as my run this morning was not guaranteed until late last night because there was a huge chance that I would have to forgo the run as I was booked on a river cruise at 9am leaving from the other side of the city and for me to make the run everything had to go smoothly. After much consideration and frantically trying to book taxis, I obviously decided to go ahead and risk it. I have not had this much panic on a Saturday morning before and hope to never have to again!

The course description of the park on the Facebook page mentions to keep an eye out for dolphins whom are often spotted in the area, I think they sensibly stayed away in the abysmally windy and miserable conditions. Sadly I don’t think that I got the full experience of this parkrun but I can definitely imagine how nice this run would be on a good day. Shame I’ll never see it!


Claisebrook Cove parkrun (56)

Claisebrook Cove parkrun (56)

The course is pretty much a now traditional Australian out and back but with an extra small hook at the start and an extra loop into a different park at the end. Although I have been at courses where the start and the end are in different places before, I think this was the furthest difference between the two which is what was causing the majority of my panic about whether I could run and where to arrange a taxi pickup from. So a note to tourists, work on the course being based at the finish and walk with everyone else to the start.

Anyway, the start is pretty much in the middle of a circular path area in the park running alongside the Swan River, and from the start you head south towards the direction of the finish before you hit the end of the park and take a double left turn to join the footpath/cycleway that runs along the edge of the river. You then follow this path approx 2km to the turnaround before simply heading straight back in the direction you came.

When you reach the end of the park where you joined the path at the start, instead of heading back onto the grass you follow the path round and keep to the left to go around the decking area of the residential Claisebrook Cove area before taking a cheeky little hill up towards the finish line in Victoria Park.


  • Time: 25:48
  • Place: 67/127
  • Gender Place: 52
  • Age Category Place (SM30-34): 10
  • Age Graded Score: 50.13%
  • Most Events Global Position: 334



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