Bathurst parkrun (54)

After a 4.5 hour train journey straight from work on Friday night, I found myself running this morning at the new Bathurst parkrun. Despite this being the furthest that I have travelled just to pickup a run it was actually one of the latest starts for me as the hotel I was staying in was a mere 10 minute walk from the start line. Which turned out to be a blessing in the brisk early morning. There was even frost on the ground and when I arrived, sections of the course are cordened off due to ice! Now that is a first for Australia, never thought I would see that! 

Even not being fully fit I was able to knock a massive 10 seconds off my PB (27 seconds if you ignore the PB in Torrens) and I am finally happy that my PB has been set at a course where I am confident that the distance is correct (the km markers were EXACT to the km beeps on my watch). 

Also, it turns out that after spending 3 years thinking that Australia is the best place for me to get my optimal running, that my optimal running actually comes in the cold! That is a welcome realisation ahead of heading back to the UK in a couple of months. Although, I am a little concerned that my optimal running is actually warmth (for less joint/knee issues) and cold (for better breathing), which is a combination that I am unlikely to get anywhere! Guess we’ll have to see. 

Bathurst parkrun (54)

Bathurst parkrun (54)

The course is a little difficult to describe for normal runners as the event team told me that this was their 5th different course incarnation, which after only 5 events is pretty impressive! I am sure they will try and settle on one soon enough, I don’t recommend an event team trying to go for 50 in 50 on course layouts 🙂

Anyway, the course this morning was a fairly simple out and back with an extra out and back snuck in the middle too.

From the start in front of the children’s playground you head away with the river on your right, round a memorial and out towards the road bridge over the river. When you hit the pavement on the bridge you then take a right turn and go over the river before taking another right turn and following the footpath with the river still on your right. From this point starts the double out and back with the turn around up on the next footbridge. The climb up to the footbridge and back down the otherside is the biggest variation in elevation on the whole course. The out and back loop turns around again just before reaching the road bridge, which after the second loop is where you again follow your steps back to the start line.

The whole course is on a concrete footpath with the exception of the start/finish which is on grass.

  • Time: 24:10
  • Place: 17/147
  • Gender Place: 15
  • Age Category Place (SM30-34): 3
  • Age Graded Score: 53.52%
  • Most Events Global Position: 339



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