Panania parkrun (52)

This morning I headed to check out Sydney’s newest parkrun out at Deepwater Park in Milperra and despite it being only 20km away from my house, I was still up and out of the house earlier than some of the further distance parkruns I have completed! All in all it took just under 2 hours door to door on public transport to travel that distance, probably the longest I have taken to cover the distance in all events I have been to!

When I arrived at about 7:20am I had to double-check the time of the event as it looked as if it was in full swing already. The flags were up, a number of volunteers were milling around, and there were streams of people crossing the finish line. Had I mistaken the 7am start for a 8am start? Luckily though, when I got closer, it was a different set of runners who just so happened to be running the same course in the same park. A number of those runners actually hung around to take part in parkrun as well! For a moment I thought that I had, for the first time ever, turned up late for a run and would miss out on the result.

As with other recent event launches in the area, I decided not to come to the inaugural of this event so that I could get the real feel of the event and I think I managed to get that this morning. All of the volunteers had big beaming grins on their faces, the event team were very welcoming and every went really smoothly from the briefing to the scanning and the results. Perhaps event number 7 is the opportune number for a new event to settle in? I’ll definitely keep that in mind in the future.


Panania parkrun (52)

Panania parkrun (52)

The course here is a very simple out-and-back-and-out-and-back course that is mainly run alongside Georges River. It starts by the picnic table and children’s play area near the entrance to the park and from there you head out with the river on your left following the path for approx 1km. From there you take a right turn and take a twisty path through the wooded area.

After approx 100m or so you come across a service road with a couple of cycle u-bar bollards. At this point, it was reported that someone got lost a couple of weeks ago, however it is not a confusing part of the course, just keep going straight over the path 🙂 After crossing the service road, you keep going through the wooded twisty path round to the left before it opens up at the turnaround. After turning round, you follow the exact same route back to the start before turning round and starting the course again.

When you come back towards the Finish Line make sure you come down the grass to the left of the path though, otherwise you’ll be heading back again for a third time!


  • Time: 25:32
  • Place: 21/95
  • Gender Place: 18
  • Age Category Place (SM30-34): 3
  • Age Graded Score: 50.65%
  • Most Events Global Position: 298

Full details of my run can be found here:

And full details of the results from this parkrun can be found here:


The Facebook page for the course is:

And the Course Information page on the parkrun website is:

Information on the park can be found here:


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