Ginninderra parkrun (39)

This weekend I went down to Canberra for a short break with friends and to fulfill a long-held ambition to visit one of the runs in the nation’s capital after an anonymous comment on my blog from a few months ago.

It also became my 4th different Australian parkrun state, with only 3 left until I have the full set. That is a big challenge though and not sure if it’s doable! Having said that, I do have plans to pick up an as yet unnamed 5th state in the next few months, so watch this space!

When we arrived at the course it was nice and fresh, with similar conditions to last week at Bowral, which meant perfect running conditions and resulted in a post operation PB for me but more importantly a 3rd consistent time in the last 4 weeks!

The event team were one of the friendliest I’ve had the pleasure of meeting too. The setup was well-practiced and they probably have the award for the most on-course marshals, certainly in the first 100m as there were 4 or 5 holding ‘Keep Left’ signs to make sure that people didn’t block the narrow path for other park users – a great idea!

Oh and the run report even picked me out from the results as having run 39 runs at 39 different courses – a very keen eye from the event team!


Ginninderra parkrun (39)

Ginninderra parkrun (39)

The course starts in the John Knight Memorial Park next to Lake Ginninderra and the start is a short walk from the gathering area when you first arrive. From the start, you follow the narrow winding path along the edge of the lake until you reach a cheeky little steep ramp up to the walkway across a road bridge to the other side of the lake.

At the end of the bridge you loop down towards the left before filtering another path past a children’s play area and round the edge of the lake again. Halfway round you move away from the lake to join a service road and head back along this until you reach the bridge again.

Once you reach the bridge you then follow the same route back as you did on the way out until you get to the finish line, which is coned off from the main path so as to not block the path for other pedestrians.


  • Time: 26:04
  • Place: 65/176
  • Gender Place: 47
  • Age Category Place (SM25-29): 8
  • Age Graded Score: 49.55%
  • Most Events Global Position: 277

Full details of my run can be found here:

And full details of the results from this parkrun can be found here:

And this week’s run report from this parkrun can be found here:


The Facebook page for the course is:

And the Course Information page on the parkrun website is:

Information on the park can be found here:


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