Huddersfield parkrun (28)

This week I was holidaying in the UK visiting family and friends so I was able to head back and pick up some more UK courses, good job really because new events aren’t starting quick enough in Australia at the moment for me, and the next nearest are over 2-3 hours away. Thankfully there were still a couple of ‘local’ courses for me in the UK, so I headed over to my closest one that I had not yet done.

The weather wasn’t quite what I have become accustomed to so I think for the first time ever I ran parkrun in a jacket, I could not bring myself to run in just my Neurocare singlet!

On the way to the start line, I was walking with and talking to someone who was about to run their first ever parkrun, and it was great to be able to impart some knowledge on how the whole thing works as well as chat about the fact that her daughter was soon to start living in Sydney as well! Small world!

The turnout on the day was just fantastic and was the largest turnout of all the parkruns I have yet completed. There was a massive 530 people – my first time attending a 500+ parkrun! This didn’t seem to have any affect on the run or the organisation because the park was quite easily able to accommodate all of the runners (probably more) without it feeling crowded. And as always, the pack split pretty quickly until it looked a little like a constant snake of people around the course 🙂


The course looks a little complicated when you try to look at it, but when you are there it seems to make sense. The meeting point is alongside the cafe in the middle of the park, but the start line is just a bit up from there next to what looks like a skate-park (well, the run director stood atop a ramp to bellow out the announcements anyway). From the start, you run down with the cafe on your left, then turn left near the play area to do a small loop round the cafe and come back to where you started. This is then the start of two full laps of the park, so you again run past the cafe but carry on until the gate at the bottom of the park this time. It is then a sharp turn left and the surface changes from tarmac paths to light gravel as you run round and past the impressive War Memorial that stands proud in the park. Once you have gone past there, you then run round the edge of the park, looping back past a dry pond/lake (or at least it was when I ran) to then loop back again under a bridge (at this point, there are parkrunners under and over the bridge, I can imagine this would make a good photo :)). After the bridge, you carry on round towards the edge of the park before turning to come back over the bridge you just ran over (think this is the only parkrun I have run where you cross both under AND over the same bridge). You then carry on round a bigger lake to come back to the play area and run past the back of the cafe and loop a bigger loop towards the start, to then do one more bigger lap. Finish line is a little bit further down towards the cafe than the start.


  • Time: 26:13
  • Place: 206/530
  • Gender Place: 161
  • Age Category Place (SM25-29): 11
  • Age Graded Score: 49.21%

Full details of my run can be found here:

And full details of the results from this parkrun can be found here:


The Facebook page for the course is:

And the Course Information page on the parkrun website is:

Information on the park can be found here:


2 responses to “Huddersfield parkrun (28)

  1. My home parkrun, thought obviously I’ve only done it the once. It was the 6th parkrun I did. I have been there several times marshalling though and it will be one of my first repeats – 24m25s to beat. Great atmosphere, big crowd, nice park and a great cafe. Classic parkrun stuff. I like that as you’re running it you see streams of people behind, in front , below and above – and never too sure which are ahead and which are behind!

    • You have a fantastic home parkrun then Gregory! I really did enjoy this course and especially enjoyed the people – after all it is the people that make the parkrun. It is still the largest attendance I have seen at any parkrun but that didn’t seem to hamper anything at all, in fact I found the constant stream of people quite encouraging. I am jealous that this will (or perhaps already has) become your community. The one thing we lack in our tourism is being part of the greater community of an event so you are lucky to have such a large community as your closest event!

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