Graves parkrun (20)

The final course in the Sheffield set! Seeing as though I obviously have a collective personality, this pleased me immensely (who else would try to get to the 50 club in 50 different courses)!

Having said that though, there is a reason I have left this one until last. Having played on football pitches here where the opposition goal line is higher than the crossbar of my own goal I knew this one would be the hilliest of all the courses in Sheffield, and possibly the toughest ‘Yorkshire Tough’ event too!

The park is host a multitude of activities for families as well so it is great for a day out. Next to the start line is the ‘City Farm’ which houses many farm animals and play areas for children, and depending what time of year you visit you are sometimes able to see baby pigs and sheep being born! As well as that, there is a children’s play area next to the cafe and the fields in the park are enormous and normally full of people playing sports and games.


This course is 2 laps starting from the path next to the car park at the ‘City Farm’ entrance. From there you follow the path and turn left when you reach the Rose Cafe and head down the hill towards the duck ponds at the bottom. When you reach the ponds, you run through and turn right following the path with the duck pond along your right hand side. You follow this path until you reach the gates at the end of the park where you turn left again and follow the path round the perimeter of the park. When you head back up the hill you turn right and follow the path before turning left and meeting the duck ponds again in the same spot but in the other direction. You now turn right again and run along the side of the other duck pond before turning left and coming into the bottom of the farmland enclosures.  When you see the scrap metal cow statue you turn right and run on the path through the middle of the enclosures with Highland Yaks, Alpacas, etc alongside you before passing the petting zoo and coming back towards the car park and the start line again. You do the same for one more lap before finishing about halfway between the car park and the cafe.


  • Time: 29:35
  • Place: 76/130
  • Gender Place: 58
  • Age Category Place (SM25-29): 4
  • Age Graded Score: 43.61%

Full details of my run can be found here:

And full details of the results from this parkrun can be found here:


The Facebook page for the course is:

And the Course Information page on the parkrun website is:

Information on the park can be found here:


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