Sheffield Castle parkrun (13)

From listening to The parkrun Show weekly podcast, I have come to be fascinated by the idea of attending an inaugural event, they just seem to be so full of energy and sharing in an event teams crowning glory sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning, so when I heard that there was to be a new Sheffield course I immediately checked my calendar to make sure I could be there. Sadly though, it didn’t work out and I was taking part in a race a couple of hundred miles north on launch day (so I ran Carlisle parkrun instead), so I could not be here, but I made sure that I came down here as soon as possible after so here I am at event number 3!

The whole place still had a new event buzz and it was an absolute pleasure to be attending in the early days. There were a number of young marshals who were giving high-fives to all the runners and one of the marshals was even giving out free bottles of water to people as they came past!

Unfortunately though after the run there were some problems with the computer system that meant that all the results were not correctly recorded and unfortunately I didn’t appear on the results at all 😦 I spoke to the guys at parkrun HQ, and then the guys at Sheffield Castle parkrun and soon enough the results were able to be amended so that my time and attendance was recorded, phew! I thought for a minute that my week on week attendance in the quest for the 50 club was over, but thanks to everyone involved for sorting out the results! Wouldn’t have grumbled though, it is free after all!


With this being based near the centre of Sheffield, which was reportedly built on seven hills, and being near to the site of the old Manor & Castle that overlooked the city, this was never going to be a flat and easy walk in the park, but I actually think at parts of this the hills are the worst I have run at a parkrun so far. Although it is new, it definitely deserves to be ‘Yorkshire Tough’.

The run starts at the entrance to the park by the car park and is set completely on the perimeter path of the park so it is pretty easy to work out where to go on your way round, which is good because you have to do it 3 times. From the start you run gently downhill for just under the first 1km with a couple of small twists and turns past the children’s play area before working your way up a small hill, which you then come down the other side for the biggest downhill section. Although at this point you then start on the long slog back up hill towards the start finish line, which is where the photographer sits to get you at your worst! You follow the same course for another two laps before finishing in the same spot at which you started. The fact that the last bit of the course is uphill means this course is difficult to have a sprint finish, which is normally my strongest bit of the run!


  • Time: 26:24
  • Place: 14/36
  • Gender Place: 14
  • Age Category Place (SM25-29): 1
  • Age Graded Score: 48.86%

Full details of my run can be found here:

And full details of the results from this parkrun can be found here:


The Facebook page for the course is:

And the Course Information page on the parkrun website is:

Information on the park can be found here:


2 responses to “Sheffield Castle parkrun (13)

  1. This is my nearest parkrun not yet done. Planning on doing it in October when my mother comes to visit for the weekend. I have never done it because it looks to have that worst parkrun combination, ie difficult and boring. Though I have been told that there is a friendly crowd and there are always cakes. I don’t like uphill finishes either! Where’s the fun in that?

    • Sorry, but I can’t really say anything to persuade you otherwise on this one either. Although it is in my home city I have to agree with the comments that it is both difficult and boring. That is in no way a reflection of the team there or the event as a whole, just purely the location of the course and the sights you see going round. Most parkruns are in parks, or by lakes or things like that but this one did feel a bit like running through someone’s allotment or wild back yard. It is absolutely a friendly crowd though from memory, and you are not very far at all from the City Centre or the train station (if you come via rail). Let me know what you think when you get round to it!

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